About This

Welcome to Faern-in-the-Works! this is the “live” version of faernworks.com, meaning, things are always in the works around here!

Faern is an artist living in San Francisco, currently running a photographic company (the bread and butter) http://www.faernworks.com

For hire in San Francisco, the general bay area, as well as traveling- for all sorts of work. One of her specialties  is Asana photography – architecture, weddings, family photographs and some event coverage are also available.

Although choosing between mediums is often difficult for this artist, her current mixed media work does have it’s own “home” HERE

This blog basically shows evidence of constant motion, works always happening- moving-changing-evolving- as an artist in San Francisco~

“we are working around here” photo by becky hurwitz


3 thoughts on “About This

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  2. Faern

    We love your artwork!

    Rachael & Brett
    The Yoganastix team

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